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Proper Pool Services

 Bi-Weekly Full Pool Service


$700 Enrollment Fee which includes new customer profile setup,  the Hasa Liquidator installed & Borates at a level of 40-60ppm.

· Filter cleaning included with service as needed.

· More consistent results!!

· Borax water is silkier, and sparkles more than a salt pool!!

· Borax is a natural mild algaecide

· Borax is considered an antimicrobial compound, a fungicide, anti-inflammatory, and detoxifying agent.

· Borax acts as a Ph buffer making chlorine more effective with less ppm.

Borax helps keeps a stable Ph near 7.5 the same as a human tear, which is friendly on the eyes. Ph is the common cause of burning eyes not chlorine.

Knowing that your pool is actually safe to swim in!!

Complete the Service Call Form @ to be contacted to services or repairs today!!

$$$ Money Savings $$$  

Similar properties of “Salt Pool” without the negative side effects. 

Soft water is easy on equipment aiding the maximum life span of parts and equipment.

· Service Log upon visit so you know what your chemical levels are!!

· More resilient water requires less total filtration saving money. 

· Auto bill pay preferred!! Saves us time, Saves you time!! No writing checks, No envelopes, No stamps, 

E-invoice followed by Auto-draft payment!